Ts-h522d Dvd/cd

Hello there, I am a noob :slight_smile:

I recently purchased a new computer and it had this model DVD/CDRW A TS-H522D. What happens is when I go to install a CD that uses Installshield I end up getting Data3,4 etc .CAB errors. The CD itself is brand new out of the box. I attempted to find support for the above drive but there is none at the Samsung Website. I took the CD and tried it on the other computer which is also a DVD/CD and get the same problem. Both computers are Windows XP SP2 Any help is appreciated!! :bow:

I’m not sure about this at all, but you may want to shut down your av and fw software, esp if you have norton. You could also try copying the disc to your hdd and see if it’ll install from there.
Is this a game?

edit: nothing noobish about asking for help, that’s for sure.

It is actually a couple different games, seems anything that has installshield on it I get these errors. Games and software that require you to enter a key off the manual work fine. The system had Macafee and that is turned off, I even tried it with the FW off. I am wondering if this is a generic DVD player that is not so good. I went to the Samsung page and they do not even support it, as well as I cannot upgrade the firmware.

I can’t find your drive, maybe a typo…is it one of these?
Neither had very good user feedback, the first one…really bad.



The second pc that you mentioned…the exact same drive and problem?

That is the drive except it ends in a D which is perplexing as when I use Gateway’s utility that shows what was shipped it says 522B

The other computer has a Hitachi (I think) HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4428B and I get the same problem with the CD’s

Now it gets more confusing I went and bought a Memorex CD ROM only and I still get those errors. Is there something in my system that might be screwy?

No, it sounds like it was a poorly made CD that looks for data it doesn’t have.

I guess I will keep my eye on it, just seemed wierd that it was multiple different games all using installshield