TS-H492A wont read DVDs after hd format

i couldnt find a place for place for this thread, but since my drive is also a samsung, i decided to place it here.

as for the problem, the said drive works fine and i have been using it for over 6 months now. but i recently formatted my harddisk and after going through the usual update and installation of windows and other apps, i noticed that my dvd/cdrw cant read dvds. it reads cds/cdrs/cdrws just fine, its just dvds (any format) that its having problems with.

any suggestions?

I have the same problem. Find any solution yet?

I am having the same problem also. Any solutions?

im still stuck guys. im giving up on it soon. any of you got solutions yet?

Open Devicemanager, delete both ide channels and the drive entry, then REBOOT.

tried it dude, still wont read them damn dvds. thanks for the help though. im now giving up on it.

what brand should i go for when i get a new drive?

Test the drive in another computer.

This is ridiculous. There are no ways to fix this problem?

Additional information: my WinDVD (OEM version) crashes as soon as I open it.

It doesn’t recognize the DVD at all or it just doesn’t read it ?

Is it Blank DVD ?

er… It reads the DVD as blank.

The problem used to only occur with copyright-protection DVDs, but now it affects all of them.