Trying to work the bugs out of my LVW-5005

First off, let me say I’m a newbie, so if I repeat any previous questions that some folks may find repetitive or obvious, please don’t throw tomatos at me. I hate tomatos. But I like ketchup. Go figure. :slight_smile:

I have spent the last few hours going through the forum, looking for answers, but I haven’t found the one that addressed my situation exactly, though several were very close. So, I figured I’d jump in and ask, and hope for the best.

I’m working on fixing a “jitter” issue when converting from VHS to DVD on my LVW-5005. Burns seem to go fine when I’m in 1 or 2 hour mode, but in 3 or 4, I get a slight “slow motion” effect, sometimes briefly, sometimes throughout the burn. Several times it will cause the audio to be off as well, effectively ruining the burn.

I previously had the ILO R04, and it was GREAT! I specifically went after the LVW-5005 when my ILO stepped on a rainbow because they basically appeared to operate the same. I had some jitter issues with the R04, but nothing like I have with the 5005.

I have the latest firmware, hacked to give me 3 hour mode and disable Macrovision. I’m running the video signal using RCA cables out of my VCR, into a SIMA CT-200 Digital Video Enhancer, then into the 5005. I’m not at home at the moment, but the manufacture date on the box was in the latter half of 2005, as I recall.

After reading a post over at, I’ve begun to wonder if it’s the suggested heating issue. I have to admit, my 5005 is stored in an entertainment center. So, I removed the case, and ran a small desk fan over the top of the unit, and left the glass doors open while burning. It seemed to help some, but I still ended up with the jitter. After doing some further reading, I was planning to add a heatsink, internal fan, and added cooling holes to try to take care of any heating problem that is occuring, such as is described at . Although I do wish the rest of the instructions were there…

After reading some posts here, I’ve seen that some folks have tried this, but never found any results. Did this solve the issue for anyone who tried it?

I also read that part of the air intake is at the bottom of the unit (okay, I’m still learning about these nifty little “magic boxes”, I admit), so I plan tonight to prop it up using some sort of level devices on each corner, and run it with the case either propped or removed, and the entertainment center doors open, and see if that will improve my problem.

Bottom line is that I’m at my wits end. I bought the thing to archive VHS tapes of old sporting events before the tapes are completely gone. These things usually run in excess of 3 to 4 hours, so not being able to burn at the higher speeds renders the blasted thing virtually useless to me.

I need some help, and some tips, if anyone could be kind enough to help me out, that might rectify this issue. I would be extremely gratefull.

Heck, I’ll eat a tomato if it’ll help… :cool:

Thanks everyone!!!


Welcome to the forum :wink:

Before you try doing any cooling modifications to your LiteOn, I would recommend trying a test when the system has fully cooled down: Power off your full entertainment system overnight up until the point where you get time to do some recording and when you power it back on, immediately start recording in its 3 to 4 hour mode since it will take a few hours for all the temperature to rise back up on the equipment. If the jitter within the first 30 minutes is no different to the last 30 minutes (or another disc you made previously), then over-heating is unlikely an issue. :rolleyes:

As a matter of interest, have you tried a few different brands and formats (-R, -RW, +R & +RW) just in case it may be an issue with the media you have been using? Also, as the writer writes at the disc at a fixed speed, it has to write in intervals (start & stop each time it buffers up some recording), longer recording modes means that the drive starts & stops more often throughout the disc particularly if it writes with a smaller buffer in longer recording modes, which may result in more jittering with longer recording times. Unfortunately, as I’m not sure how the Lite-On carries out its process of feeding the recording to the disc, there may be a different reason why the longer recording modes gives more jittering.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks Sean! I’ve actually tried what you suggested a few times, usually when testing different media (+r, +rw, -r, -rw, different brands, and event 16x as opposed to 8x, which is more plentiful in my area). Usually, it takes around 30 minutes for the “jitter” to begin, but it sometimes can run for upwards of two hours before I have any issues. It will start out as a slight jitter, but will usually increase if I allow it to continue. I did try stopping or pausing my burn for a minute, and then restarting. It stopped the jitter for about a minute to a minute and a half, then it came back, strong as ever. In fact, I tried again last night, case off, unit propped up equally from underneath (used twist off soda bottle caps on the four corners), and it did the same thing.

I’ve been told that it’s not really the amount of time that the unit is operating that heats it up, but rather that the firmware being used can overheat the LSI chip in less than 70 seconds as it works. That’s what’s leading me to believe that overheating may be the issue. That and the fact that the cooling fan is not really installed in a spot that appears to cool it very well.

You would think that Lite On would recognize such an issue, and repair it. It looks to be about a $30 fix. I’d be willing to pay an extra $30 so my machine worked properly.