Trying to view video with a rewritable dvd cd

My question might be naeeve, so I’ve placed it in this forum,
I’v burned some movies on a philips dvd + RW 4.7GB single sided DVD CD.
On my PC I have a device that is recognized by the system as: _NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD.
I used NeroVision Express 2 to burn those CDs. Nero messaged that it completed successfuly.
HOWEVER, when I’m trying to view this movie on the PC or my DVD applient, It shows only the menu, when I click to start the video, nothing happens. :sad: Any idea?

  1. these movies were burned to DvD, not CD ?
  2. is there more one movie on the DVD ?
  3. do the contents of the DVD have an AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder ?

… bit confused as to exactly what you’ve burned and how you burned it.

First, thanks for your effort,
I really hope this can be solved.
I burned some TV series on a DVD (not a CD)
What I see in the content is: VIDEO_TS, VIDEO_TS.BUP,VTS_01) and VTS_01.BUP (There are alot of VTS files ending with 01_0, 01_1, 02_0 etc…)

I burned it using NeroVision Express, I didn’t change any of the settings in Nero, just dragged the Video Items and ask the Nero to burn.

I really can’t help you much, but to tell you to keep experimenting, but changing small things every time until you get a working DVD. Lucky for you you have a reqritable so you won’t be making a stack of coasters. I had a problem kind of similar, in that a dvd would play beautifully from the hard drive but once I put it on a DVD it wouldn’t play worth a damn on my standalone or PC. Still not sure what the problem is, but it’s something you get used to from DVD burning, it’s a lot more complicated than CD’s, so I recommend just tweaking settings until you get it to work. In addition, I would recommend looking into a bitsetting firmware flash for your Burner.