Trying to update my driver but no joy!

I have a pioneer DVR-106D and i am having trouble when i burn a disc be it music or vcd that i get a heavy crackly sound and eventually fades out to nothing by song 3 or 4!
Tried to clean lense etc (all the obvious stuff)
but still same crap being burned!
also I have a BENQ DW 1650 that will only burn DVD’s and not CD’s?!?
any help much appreciated
Tried to run latest firmware for pioneer but when i try that it goes to ms-dos screen and after about 20 secs it says “available target not found”
I am totally confused!
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Your 106 is an OEM drive, that is why you can’t use the official Pioneer flashers.

As a start, I would burn that audio on CD slower, like 16x or 20x.
You could use BURRRN instead of Nero.

thanks for your help!
so what would you recommend about the OEM?
where could i get some sort of firmware for it if not from Pioneer?

Which firmware is on the drive?

You could find it out by using msinfo or Nero Infotool or Discinfo or dvdinfopro or some burning softwares.

The last FW update for the 106D was 1.08 and that was the last one pioneer put out thats one reason why I changed to the 112D from my 106D. That model is fairly old now might be dying might be time to upgrade, just my thought though. Also VSO Inspector is good program too as Chef mentioned in his post about the others and it’s free :bigsmile: