Trying to update firmware on hacked LDW411S@LDW811S, help please

I did the LDW-411S->LDW-811S hack. Currently using HS0K, but that firmware is old. I want to update to the latest, so I went to lite-on’s site. I flashed the drive, but then the light started constantly blinking orange, so I flashed it back to the hacked HS0K.

How can I get the latest revision, HS0Q, to work with my hacked drive? Thanks.

Try patching HS0Q with omnipatcher to enable crossflashing. Otherwise read this post which is almost identical to yours.

Ok thanks. One last question, I have read my hacked firmware is actually the best and HS0Q is buggy. Is this true? Should I leave things alone?

If the drive works fine with HS0K, then you might as well just stick to that version.

Ok… are there any significant reasons why I would want to update it? Does it improve discs compatibility with dvd players and other drives?

Why does lite-on release new firmware if it performs worse? The latest LDW-411S firmware is horrible.

It probably doesn’t perform worse. Reports of HS0Q being worse than HS0K are probably due to random, unrelated issues.

So the only way to get the latest revision working with a hacked drive is for someone to change the EEPROM bin file?