Trying to update firmware - not working



I have an old Toshiba DVD-ROM drive type SD-M1712. Brand new, just been lurking in the closet.

I found the region-free patch here:

But when I try to flash the drive it is not found - the flashtool v152TEG.exe only looks at IDE controllers 1 and 2, and these are SATA on my Asus P4P800SE. The Toshiba is on the third controller.

Disabling the SATA controllers isn’t possible in BIOS.

Any ideas how to make this flashtool find the DVD-ROM drive? I only have this one PC at my disposal, so I can’t just rip it out and plug it into another PC.



I’m not sure that can be useful for you, but in my mobo there is a jumper to disable integrated s-ata controller.


I am not sure to understand you!!!

Do you mean your ide are RAID!!! If that’s the case all you need to do is desable the RAID functions for all your ide port!!!


It is possible, I’m sure about that.