Trying to understand this bitsetting stuff

Ok so I understand it requires a firmware flash (Herrie’s comes highly recommended)
And this bitsetting only applies to +R and +RW in that they are burnt as -rom… but that’s about the extent of what I know so here come a couple questions that I’m sure somebody can fire answers at me for…
How can I change between -rom and +R and why would I want to (examples if possible)
And which of Herrie’s firmwares is the best for this… I just want to back up my DVD collection mainly and I’ll burn the occasional Data DVD or copy one of my Game DVD’s like UT2004

Once a +R is set to DVD-ROM (during burning) it cannot be changed. The same is true for for all burned +R disks. They cannot be changed after burning. Only the +RW can. The DVD+RW can be changed back and forth between DVD+RW & DVD-ROM. Use DVDInfoPro to change it. I am using f/w 107v2b4 which allows bitsetting. I set it to default all my +R disks to DVD-ROM during the burn. I only change the +RW if needed. My set top player won’t play +RW’s that have been set to DVD-ROM. Other people have players that need the +RW set for the disk to work in there set top DVD players. Hope this helps.

Hey michael c/neighbor :slight_smile:
So, i was going to start changing +r’s to -ROM, so they would play more easily on others’ stand alone DVD players.
second question, I’m buying a few DVD+rw’s…to re-burn after burning trial movie renders. So, if i change bitsetting to -ROM, i can change it back later to reburn.
But what’s the part about “other peope have players that need the +RW set, for the disk to work?, on their set-top DVD players”??? is that in case their players play +R format only?

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