Trying to submit firmware results in wrong page

Dear CDF Admins,

I don’t know if it is me, and how long it’s been for, but on the frontpage when I see this and I click it:

Want to submit your own firmware? Click here

I get redirected to which is for submitting devices which I want reviewed. This should be submit firmware, so I changed devices (in the link) to firmware in order to put in my report for new KL0M revision firmware for LH-20A1P (exciting :D). Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been many updates lately?

Hi lui_gough,

I just tried what you did and didn’t find any problems. To submit a firmware, view the device where you want to submit the firmware (LH-20A1P for example), click onto the firmware submit link under the changelog and you will find yourself on the correct page ;). please report back if this doesn’t work for you.

I would like to add, that when submitting a firmware, the submission is held in a queue for approval. So many of them are not complete (no link to the firmware, or not a valid firmware) and those are deleted. Also. Many members attempt to add a device when submitting a firmware. If the device is already in the database the submission has to be deleted, so it’s important to add the firmware in the way H3rB3i describes above.

We are very happy to accept members submissions, but they do have to be complete before we can use them. :slight_smile:

Slightly off-topic

Same applies to Media submissions :slight_smile: