Trying to solve a dvd format puzzle



I have recently received 20 finalized noncommercial -r dvds of an unfamiliar brand, but which are labelled “DVD-R 120 min/4.7 GB for Data & Video 16x.” I have two standalone SD dvd players (one Sony, one Philips), both of which normally work with dvd-r without problems. However, neither one can do a thing with any of these particular dvds. The Sony says “cannot play this disc,” and the Philips says “playback may not be available on this disk.”

However, I also have a Mad Dog burner, and it can process the dvds. Not only can it process them, it can also copy them onto -r dvds that the standalone dvd players can play. The Sony and the Philips understand +r as well as -r; the Mad Dog also knows dvd-ram.

Why is this happening?


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Sounds like the discs themselves could be low-quality or badly burned, as both your standalone units are having issues reading them. Your Mad Dog drive may be a good reader/ripper OTOH, hence why it’s able to copy the discs successfully.

Can you download and run either ImgBurn (free) or Opti Drive Control (free for 30 days), pop one of the discs in your Mad Dog, and post the MID (Manufacturer or Media ID) of the discs?


Open the discs on PC and look at the file structure. Do they have VIDEO_TS folders or DVD_RTAV?


Low quality sources, I suppose.


I’ve had this problem before many years ago. The media was burned at a higher speed and the player preferred the discs to be burned slower.


The “disc quality” plays the number #1 part in this case.
Its usually far asia stuff…