Trying to set-up my LVW-5026

I acquired my new LiteOn DVD/Hdd recorder Sept05 and can play & record DVDs OK but find that I cannot successfully view any other TV during the record process.

I have spent much time & effort on all combination of connections without improvement. I believe it should be easy but right now I’m stumped. Can anyone please help?

Are you using a cable box? Does your tv have more than 1 input? How are you hooked up now?

it’s normal, you can’t see a channel and record another

Hi belote, Thanks for your quick reply. Guess I was expecting too much but I have been used to that possibility on my LG combi TV.

@supersonnx - Depending upon how you get your signal (cable, satellite receiver, etc.) and what you want to watch while you are recording on the 5026, and how many inputs your tv has it is possible. I had asked a few questions here.

My present hook up on digital cable allows me to record something and watch something else depending upon what channel it is on. For example I can record any channel from the cable box to my 5005 and watch any channel that my TV is capable of receiving without the digital cable box. I can record any digital cable box channel while watching another channel depending upon if it needs the digital cable box to be received or not. My TV has 2 inputs, an RF input and S-Video / A/V inputs. That is why I had asked the questions I did.

My LG Combi TV/video has one RGB scart input & RF/ant at back, another pair of audio and a video input, plus an S/VHS input & headphone out on a side panel. I have Sky digital and common terrestrial services. Not quite sure how to tell of my connections.

Ken , How were you able to record something and watch something else before and what were you using to record with? I don’t know about Sky Cable but if the box is required to receive all Sky channels than your stuck.

You should be able to watch something from the RF antenna connection if you still have a antenna or if you can get reception from the cable by splitting it to the RF connector of the TV before the Sky Digital box and using the TV’s tuner and record something from the Sky Digital box connected to the 5026 if on the TV you can select what input to watch. I looked at the manual for the 5026 and it has plenty of outputs. I am not familiar with Sky Cable and using scart though, I am in the US on Comcast Cable.

Hi JM1647,
My LG combi TV/Video recorder has allowed me to view one prog whilst recording another (maybe it has 2 tuners).
My Sky service is a sat. not cable.
I can view TV terrestrial progs while recording others via the Sky box but I haven’t found a way to use the LiteOn tuner for recording a DVD without serious interference on my TV progs.
Maybe I expect too much. 8-( Rgds Ken

@supersonnx - My US 5005 tuner is noisey and I use the A/V inputs on the front and back. Does the Sky Box have A/V out to hook up to the 5026 A/V in?

My Sky box uses a scart out but it’s video only. I guess that its audio is via the RF out. Both leads go via the 5026 to the TV.

I am finding a strange thing happens, when I record to Hdd manually, I can watch other progs on TV whilst the 5026 gets on with record OK. But if I program the 5026 via its timer, I am unable to watch TV once record starts. The moment the record stops, TV viewing becomes normal again.

@supersonnx - maybe somebody with a similar setup can help, as I mentioned I’m not familiar with scart and the Sky Sattelite box. Good Luck!!