Trying to run Power DVD 7.3, 8 and 9 result in BSOD on Windows 7 machines

We got 25 LG BD Drives (CH08-LS10) for our workstations. I installed the hardware, but the provided OEM CyberLink Power DVD software crashes the computer when I try to run it.
Uninstalling the software also resulted in a BSOD. I tried the different patches and versions: 7.3, 8 and 9… all have the same problem.

I identified that the AV software (WFBS6.0) is interfering with Power DVD. If I uninstall the Trend Micro Security Agent, then Power DVD works and I’m also able to uninstall Power DVD without having BSOD’s.
The crash logs show a problem with the TMBMSRV.exe.

I’m holding off deployment of Power DVD on the workstations, but I have been able to duplicate the issue on 3 different workstations/laptops.

Anyone heard of this issue, any workarounds? I understand some users using Comodo AV also experience a similar problem.

The kick out of this software interaction issue is that CyberLink’s CEO used to be Exec VP at Tend Micro… :wink:

I am not running it now on a brand new install of Win 7, but last week and for weeks before then, I could run PowerDVD 7 on 7 Ult x64 just fine. I could also run the rest of the suite it came with, with my LG BD drives just fine as well (Power2Go and others).

I use MSE as my AV, so your issue may be the AV software.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, as I stated the problem is from an interaction from the Trend Micro WFBS 6.0 SP1 and PowerDVD.

I can’t remove the A/V as its part of Business Solution. I’m trying to see if someone has a workaround besides the obvious un-installation…

The fix is time consuming as both software need to be uninstalled. Here is the procedure:
1- Unloaded Security Client Agent.

2- Removed Security Client Agent. (BSOD if PowerDVD is uninstalled with client off/unloaded)

3- Removed Power DVD.

4- Created a new Group with Behavior Monitoring Disabled.

5- Dragged Workstations that were going to have PowerDVD installed in new group.

6- Installed Security Client Agent. (Waited and did manual update.) Installed PowerDVD.

No more BSOD when PowerDVD starts.