Trying to revive bricked old LiteOn DVD Burner




I have a Compaq Presario SR1850NX desktop computer. It’s about 8 years old now but what I want to talk about today is specifically about the DVD Burner that comes included with the desktop.

The model is a Liteon SHW-160H6S OEM drive packaged with the CP81 firmware (OEM firmware, not retail firmware).
A few years ago, I decided to flash the firmware for the sake of updating using the provided firmware available on the HP site which was version CP91. After the seemingly successful flash, my dvd burner would never work properly again. The DVD burner will still turn on and can still open and close the disc tray but won’t detect or read the DVD/CDs but is properly detected by the BIOS and by Windows.

I have looked online by myself to figure out how to unbrick my drive after the failed firmware upgrade but with no luck. Now I ask any of you if you may possibly have this working dvd drive which may be like finding a needle in a haystack but still worth asking so I can receive a copy of your working or original firmware. I tried to flash it after the unsucessful flash but it seems like it has no effect.

Retail firmwares won’t work since this drive won’t accept it. Also I looked far and wide for the original OEM firmwre but could not find it. I heard there was a way to cross convert blah your OEM drive into a retail but not sure if that is possible to do it to an existing bricked drive, hmm…

Anyway, many thanks for all the help I can get!

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You should be able to back up your current firmware using the Flash Utility, which was created some while back (is no longer actively maintained).

After backing up your current firmware, you can attempt a switch to a retail firmware from this firmware archive: …I don’t know if the last firmware release for the drive is available there, but should you get a retail version on there, upgrading using the official update shouldn’t be an issue.


There is also the EEPROM Utility in the same link Albert posted.

It does cross flashing & some repair IIRC.


Hey guys,

thanks for the response. After I created that thread, I stumbled upon those special flashing tools and looked more into it and seeing how I could potentially get the drive to work again. Unfortunately, I tried everything you guys suggested and still nothing. I did however manage to find a copy of the original firmware for the drive and EEPROM of it and tried to flash using that and upload the EEPROM into the bricked drive but it still had no effect strangely. Maybe the drive is bricked upon repair? :frowning:

I did manage to convert it to using the retail firmware but it still did not work before I found the original firmware.


You mentioned it doesn’t detect discs. Does this mean you cannot even use the drive to boot to something like, say, an operating system installation disc?


Yeah, it cannot read nor can it boot from the discs. Everytime I put a disc in, the drive will try to read it but will spin up and then spin down a few times and during that, it makes a beep and then 1-2 seconds later, it makes 1 more beep and then it keeps trying to read the disc but it cannot.

I tried one flash tool and it seems to say it flash perfectly fine but I tried another one but that seems to freeze when I try to flash with it strangely enough


hi Cats869.

If your LiteOn SHW-160H6S drive can’t read any CDs/DVDs anymore, then the drive is pretty much worn out (close to DOA) and needs to be replaced ASAP.