Trying to restore files

I used Norton Ghost in System Works v.2002.05 to make an image of my C: drive (8 CD’s). As the motherboard on my desktop (PII - 350 MHz - Win 98) has died, I now need some of these files. I’m using an old laptop with win 98 to replace the desktop unit.

I’ve been trying to use Ghost Explorer v. which is supposed to be able to let me restore individual files and directories. Unfortunately this is all I know about it. I don’t understand any of the commands that come up when running the program. For example:
“Please select the file for the last segment of this image file.”
How do I find out which file this is? All I see are numbered files (Cdr00001.gho to … Cdr00384.gho).

When I clicked on the first file listed I get the message:
“This is a Ghost span extent file. Please load the Ghost base image file.”
Which one is this?

Well. you get the picture. I need help and the program help files aren’t any help and Norton Tech Support doesn’t support this anymore. Google brought me here, so I hope someone can take me step by step through the procedure to restore some files to my laptop, or at least direct me to where I could find this help.

An old-timer trying to keep up.

It’s been a while since I used ghost but that last segment should be the last disk. The base file is the first disk. You cannot just open one disk if I recall right, you have to open the the whole backup structure and then you can extract certain files. Hope that helps a little.

Just what I needed. Everything worked perfectly. Thanks!