Trying to reinstall BF2 but my CD is very dirty and scratched

I have Battlefield 2 and have played for a year or so.

I just got a new computer and am trying to reinstall BF2 but my CD is very dirty and scratched from a year of changing game cd’s from the drive.

Now the first cd wont run at all.

I was wondering what choices I had. If you have any information please reply or e-mail me directly at

                                                          -Thank you- 

… my CD is very dirty and scratched …

Try taking it to your local DVD rental store and ask them if they could run it over their polisher / scratch remover. If disk has light scratches, should come out looking like new. If disk has deep scratches, information has been lost and will not be a reliably disk.

Side Note
Not safe posting your email address in public forums. Leads to massive spamming. Questions brought to a forum are to be answered in the forum. This way people with similar problems came find the solution.

You can also try to contact the vendor or sales support. Maybe you can send in the original damaged disc with proof of purchase and they’ll replace it for you…

ps A more descriptive title than “Need help” would be helpful for future reference, this time I edited the title for you.