Trying to register alcohol120%

I am trying to register my copy of alcohol120% i have got the serial in the confirmation email. but it still comes up as triall copy and dont give me a spot to put serial…it still says buy now!! am I looking in the wrong spot or is it a firewall issue? I dont give access to internet for hardly any thing i tend to block alot of stuff cause I dont know what it is…

anyways hope someone can help if u need more info just ask


The trial version is different from the registered version and cannot be registered. Go to alcohol’s site and download the registered version and then use your key with that version.

I know you say get the registered version but were do I get it from I checked their site and only find trial version…I emailed support and waiting on reply just figured i would get something faster here…do you know of a link?

Log-in at this page.

thanks for help i got it now

i have got the serial in the confirmation email

Then you will also have recieved in the same confirmation email the information you requier to log in to your account and download the retail version that will accept your serial number. Did you read your confirmation of purchase email ???´

"To download the full retail version of our software please use the following link [we suggest you book mark this link for your convenience].

To log in to your user control panel you will require your email address (XXXXXX@XXXXXX.XXX) and password (blablabla) that you used when you placed your purchase."

I emailed support and waiting on reply

Having checked the log for recieved emails in the last 24 hours there are no outstanding emails so you would have recieved a reply, most emails are answerd within 1 hour of being recieved and no later than 6 hours.

If you did not recieve a reply to your email please forward your origional email to me at so i can investigate why you never recieved a reply. please include the email address you sent your mail to.