Trying to recover my old HDD

I just got a new computer after setting up everything I install my old c-drive in a new computer but I couldn’t get in to old c-drive because I forgot to take out password (Stupid me :sad: ). I put my old c-drive back into my old computer and try to take out password. Now my old computer won’t boot up either :frowning: . I think I may have fried my old MB or CPU all fans are working but no power to all of my drives (DVD,Floppy,HDD). What should I do to recover my old C-drive? Please help.
FYI: This is my own drive I have password but I could not find the way to put in password to unlock my old C-drive.

Me again.
I missed a few things in my post. I tried to use my old C-drive WD250 ATA/IDE NTSC as an slave drive for my new pc. I can access all areas except My document because of my old system password. I do not want to reformat my old C-drive because of files , music etc. Is there any way to recover my files from my old C-drive. I have data life guard. Is that going to help?
Thank you.

WDs DLG won’t help at all. Get Knoppix or Kanotix and check, if you can access your files with that. If you succeed with that, backup the data on FAT32 formatted external HDD, as NTFS write access is not alway reliable with that.


I did a search here is what I’ve got.
Log in as Administrator.

Right click on drive, choose properties.

Click on security tab.

Click on ADD button.

Select users or groups window will open up.

Search through users and groups, add Administrators, Administrator, & Your User name.

Click OK.

On the Security tab again, click in the Full Control box to make check marks appear in all the permissions boxes.

Click Advanced button.

Click in the box where it says “Reset permissions on all child objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions.”

Click Apply.

A popup box will warn you that it will remove explicitly defined permissions on all chiild objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions to those child objects. Only inheritable permissions from “D” share, (drive letter you are trying to change permissions on), will take effect.
Do you wish to continue?

Click Yes.

On the same Advanced window, click on the Owner tab, third one at the top.

Highlight Administrator or Administrators and click in the box that says: “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.”

Click Apply. Ownership will transfer. You now own and have full control of the entire drive. Passwords are no longer blocking out the Administrator.

Click OK on the Security sheet and happy copying
I’ll try that when I get home. I’ll let you know if this method works or not.

I have had many a dead drive made good with Gibsons Spinrite, but I had a company pay for mine, IIRC its about $90, so it depends what you think your data is worth.

I use method above it works I’ve got all my files back. Now I have 1more extra HDD :iagree:

Did you use your method or Gibson’s Spinrite? because I have the same issue going on.

Reading it back, what I said could be got wrong, my copy of GRC’s Spinrite was paid for me by someone I was working for. So I dont know the exact cost $ to £ thing as well, but if your data is worth it and for the up keep of your hard drives (I use it 2 or 3 times a year to keep all drives in good nick). I cant think of a time it has failed me yet.

The only other thing I have used (and [B]works very well[/B]) is R-Studio and I think the version is ‘Network Edition’, but it is pure data recovery only, I dont think you can look after, and keep in good order your Hdd’s like Spinrite does.