Trying to recover data from an old hard disk using a caddy

My old laptop died It crashed whilst I was editing some pics (I had just uploaded 800+ pics from my DSLR). It then got stuck in a ‘safe mode’ loop. It kept giving me the option of opening in safe mode, or open normally. Whatever option I used it would just take me to a blank black screen with a cursor - the only way of getting out of this screen was to power down.

My laptop was 4 years old so I wanted to get a new one anyway, but needed some way of recovering my files from the old hard disk. I was told a caddy would be the best option - so I bought a Dynamode USB caddy, put my old hard disk in it and plugged it into my new laptop - and nothing…

The new laptop hasn’t even acknowledged that something has been plugged in, although ever time I plug it in a red light appears on my caddy.

My new laptop has windows 8, the old one was vista - not sure if this is relevant.

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated - as I really want my pics of my old hard drive

Thanks for your help

it is possible the drive is “Completely Dead” as opposed to “mostly dead”

I’m not familiar enough with windows8 to offer suggestions on getting into disc management, but if you go into computer management and then "disc management"
in XP, Vista or Windows7 you often find that a problem drive has a “signature collision” that prevents it from being recognized in Windows.