Trying to recode back to original dvd!



Hi all,Incova here, I have a Mongol dvd which is meant to be on a dual layer disc but has come from China on a single , 4.7 layer disk. I just needed to know if there is software which can recode and expand the compressed dvd back to its original data or is this not possible?

The reason I want to do this is the picture quality is pretty bad, i have used Nero to encode audio files into a nero audio format which greatly enhanced the sound as they were very compressed in mp3 format which I used years ago when putting my cds on pc. This does mean using about 6 times as much space for the audio than I was but well worth it in terms of sound quality.

I tried Nero recode but it only retains quality it does not uncompress the compressed dvd as far as I can see. Thanks for any advice all.:confused: