Trying to put 190 min on 1 dvd

I am using ulead dvd burning software, but when I try to burn it ,
it says not enough disk space even though the bar at the bottom shows more space is available. Shows 4.8 with 4.6 used. how do I get it to recognize the last .2 on the disk. Is there a way to change the format to get a full 2 hr. on a disk. Thanks for the help, This site is the best for info.

A DVDR holds a TRUE 4.37 gb of data,. If you have the VIDEO_TS folder that contains your authored dvd files (VOB, IFO & BUP files) then use Nero or RNMax to burn them out to DVDR. Check the size of the VIDEO_TS folder in Windows Explorer, if it reads under 4.37gb then it will be able to be burnt, if not then it simply wont fit. You will then need to use use a program like DVD2One or DVD Shrink to reduce the size down to DVDR size before burning.