Trying to play copied home movies on XBoX



:confused: New to this game (DVD burning) - frustrated with XBoX.

I have “DVD shrink” (3.2) and “Nero Burning ROM” ( and I’m currently trying to play back a DVD home movie and a back-up copy of a commercial movie on my XBoX (I use it as my DVD player and games console). The XBoX has been chipped. I’m using TDK DVD+RW and DVD+R disks. I select DVD-ROM (UDF) in Nero and then enable “Force DVD-Video compatibility mode (required for XBoX TM)” - I assumed that this would allow me to burn a DVD that would play on my XBoX. I burn at 2x speed (to be on the safe side) using my laptop NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A DVD burner. Where do you think I’m going wrong? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.