Trying to mount the image but it doesn't work!

Ok I have an original legal warcraft cd that I am trying to mount.

I made the ISO using Power ISO in .iso format.

Then I used PowerISO’s mount tool do mount it but it loads the screen but then it says: “The CD cannot be found, please reinsert the disc and tryagain”

I also tried Daemon tools to mount it and Alcohol 120% to make the iso. nothing works.

Which version of WCIII is your original disc? Is it v.1.0 or is it a later release?

I am not sure how do you check?

Just do a clean install of the game from your original disc (i.e. don’t install any update patches). Then start the game and the version # will be displayed on one of the early splash screens (I think it’s on the main menu screen but I haven’t played the game for some time so I may be wrong).

Well even if I get this version number what will I have to do next or how would this solve our problem?

After a clean install you can scan the installation folder using Protection ID.Then we know which SecuROM version is used and got a solution that could solve your problem.

So when you make the ISO you have to enter the correct Securom version?

You have to know how to maKe the image file for mounting in Daemon Tools. WCIII is securom protected but the manner in which securom works and the correct way to make a working image changed after the initial release of the game.

If you have the original release (v. 1.0) the appropriate method of making the image is different from the method that you’ll need to use if you have a later release (e.g. v. 1.5 or higher).

I have a later realease.

Right now I have the updated 1.20e

Then make your disc image with alcohol 120% using securom new 4.x/5.x datatype settings.

Oh ok I will get back to you thanks.