Trying to make image

I’m trying to make an image of MOH Pacific Assault with an eye towards being able to run the game without using the cd.
My Alcohol users manual gives me a step by step in making this file but I have run into a snag: I have gone to Alcohol’s site and found that the copy protection for this program is Safedisk. However, when I use the pulldown menue for datatype this isn’t listed. do I need to update this folder somehow or is there another datatype (ie: Securom*NEW) that will work?
Thanks from a novice. :slight_smile:

You could go look in at the GameCopyWorld forums - they may have the answer for you.

Direct Link to File Forums (linked from the main website above)

Best of luck

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Thanks for answering. I guess maybe I didn’t make my question very clear. My problem is with Alcohol 120%. I can not find the SafeDisk datatype to select in order to make the image file.

They know all about that good stuff over there. Honest. :slight_smile:

Is it a DVD or CD version?

p.s. You may find the answer here :wink:

It’s the cd version.

According to it’s using SafeDisc 3.2 so if you want to play without the CD use this guide How to make a SafeDisc mini-image updated, good luck.

Thank you. I’ll try this and see if I can make it work.

(I’m still wondering about Alcohol 120% tho. Should I have SafeDisk listed as one of my choices? If so, why isn’t it there?)

Sorry I forgot that one. The reason I asked if it’s a DVD or CD is there are no profiles for DVDs just for CDs. I would recommend a reinstall of Alcohol and see if it solves your profile problem.

Safedisc data type has always been in Alcohol, Which version are you using ?

I found it! I was in a hurry and didn’t think to look closely at the box. It was at the bottom of the list and SafeDisk didn’t show up. duhhhhhh.

Can someone tell me what’s the difference between Safedisk and SafeDisk 2?

Safedisc 2/3 datatype uses weak sector enhancement (Bypass efm error) when burning. Safedisc datatype does not. Otherwise there’s no difference.