Trying to make a VCD with Nero but a problem

I have a movie that I want to put off my HD onto a vcd. I burned it, and when I play it on my Panasonic DVD house player, it is jumpy and the sound as well. Like … … … … it plays stops plays stops plays stops. If I speed it up one notch on the player, it plays clear, but when it plays at normal speed it screws up. I burned on at 4x and one at 24x. I have the Sony CDU-510A.

Anyways, I had this problem a long time ago, but can’t remember what I did to fix it. Any help would be apperciated. Thanks.

uhmmm…the movie u downloaded (or ur encoded) working fine when u play on the pc? get VCDeasy…i never have problem burning movie with VCDeasy even with overburn :smiley:

What version of nero? Nero’s vcd engine kinda sucks, though I use it often because it is easy. What format are the movies in that you are trying to encode as vcd?