Trying to make a backup for Empire Earth 2



Hi, im currently trying to make a backup for Empire Earth 2. Tried using daemon tools and using the securom emulation but it doesnt work. Is there chance someone could help me?


Is it a cd or dvd game?


cd, i found a bwa file for it but im not sure how to use it.


Time to re-read the rules, obviously.


how is this against the rules? I am not asking for a crack or serial number. I have the original cd but when I copy it i cant use it as a backup because of securom.


May be OK, if this thread is still valid.


See the tutorial section where you’ll find a number of guides as to how to make a working back-up copy of a securom protected cd using various different types of software. [You’ll also discover there how to make your own .bwa files rather than having to download them.]