Trying to make a backup copy of a DVD that has a Macromedia executable in the root

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Kawhilaywhilay here. Computer programmer by trade, musician at heart.

Trying to make a backup copy of a DVD that has a Macromedia executable in the root folder. Can’t figure out what to use for this and/or how to do it. At my disposal are CloneDVD2, Roxio 8 Suite, Nero 6 and Adobe Encore :clap: . I can get new software if necessary, but am hoping one of these applications will allow me to burn a multiuse DVD (movie and executable).

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First try to use DVD Shrink to rip, encode and shrink (if necessary)the file and burn that ripped file with Nero, if you could not do it then use AnyDVD (Trail Version) with DVD Clone. Good Luck and let us know the outcome.

Thanks for the feedback TCAS.

I use DVD Decrypter to rip my files and it worked fine. Files are on the hard drive with region encoding removed.

When I go to burn though, none of the programs I mentioned above will allow me to add the .exe and .pdf files to the root folder, which is extra content for this DVD title. I can add the video files to the VIDEO_TS folder, but can’t add the root folder Shockwave executable and associated files.

If anyone can tell me how I can author this DVD to include both the ripped DVD files and the extra files in the root folder it would be most appreciated.

Thanks to all.

Do you have a dvd burner that can burn to dual layer disks? If so, then decrypt the dvd to your hard drive as an ISO. This is easily done in DVDDecrypter by going from file mode to ISO Read mode. This process will put everything that is on the disk into an ISO image file. You can then burn the image with Decrypter in ISO Write mode, or you can use ImgBurn, which is a burning program written by the same guy that wrote DVDDecrypter. These two programs will write the image onto a dual layer disk and keep the layer break in the correct position.

I think it is possible to run into a commercially made dvd that has so much material that the ISO you make of it is too large to fit onto a burnable DL disk. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong— :slight_smile: If that is the case, you would have to reduce the size of the movie (DVDShrink, Nero Recode, DVDRebuilder—take your choice). Then reauthor everything. I use DVDLab Pro as an authoring program. There is a free trial available for it, and quite an extensive help file included.

And if you can burn to a DL disk, the only, ONLY reliable dual layer disks are made by Mitsubishi—sold in the US as Verbatim.

Thanks for the feedback Kerry. Unfortunately, the disk has been, ah, returned (N Flix if you know what I mean). I do have all the files decrypted on my drive, but extracting as an ISO is not an option at this point.

I guess I could burn the vid files to a dvd, decrypt as ISO and then modify the ISO to include the other root folder files. Not sure what application I would do this with though. I do have ISO Buster, but that is not to rebuild ISO’s, only to pull them apart and look at them as far as I know.

My drive does burn DL’s, but the entire folder size is only 3.4 GB, so a DL should not be necessary unless that is a requisite for a multi use DVD.

If anyone can think of another workaround for this, I am open to and appreciate suggestions.

Thanks for all the help.

I don’t think you’ll get anymore help here. You may want to read the forum guidelines regarding piracy! :eek:

Well, then, you will not get further help here, I’m afraid. We do not permit threads on how to copy stuff that you don’t own, including DVD rentals.

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