Trying to install nec nd2500, what am i doin wrong?

this is kinda lame, i’ve been workin on it for like 2 hours now. I just got the nec nd2500, and put it in the computer, hooked it all up and everything, and my computer isn’t noticing that it’s there or something. When i try to install firmware it tells me:

Target NEC ND-2500A is not found correctly.

I’ve changed my ide channels to dma if available, yet still nothing. I had to uninstall the secondary one to get it to dma, and after I restarted my computer it recognized my lite-on cd drive, but not the nec burner. I’ve put the bios for the secondary drive on auto, but the bios says it’s an unrecognized drive as well, and now when I turn on my computer it tells me that it can’t find the secondary hard drive hard disk 1 or something. Please help, i’m about to explode with frustration :frowning:


The chances are that you’re using IDE drivers other than the Microsoft ones - like the Intel Application Accelerator or nVidia IDE drivers.

If you uninstall those IDE drivers and let the Microsoft ones reinstall, you should then be able to upgrade the firmware.


so i went into the device manager and uninstalled all the ide stuff in it (Primary IDE Channel, Secondary IDE Channel, and Intel® 82801BA Bus Master IDE Controller). When I turn my computer back on the new hardware wizard finds my lite-on cd drive, cd-rom drive (which I think is just the cd-drive and not the nec burner), my hard drive and my floppy. Any more help please? :wink:

Does the drive power up OK? Can you open the tray?

Have you checked the jumper settings of the NEC and any other drives on that IDE channel?

Try putting your NEC in the same slot as the Lite-on or -cdrom using the same jumper settings as the replacement and then see if it recognizes it on boot up. If that doesn’t work, disconnect everything except for HD and make the NEC the lone Prim on the Secondary just to see if it recognizes. If it does recognize it, then you either don’t have the jumpers right on the initial configuration you were trying or the cable is faulty.

yahoo! First off, the nec was opening and closing fine, but just wasn’t working. When I switched the two drives’ cables/spots in the computer though the new hardware wizard found the drive! I’m in ecstasy! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Happy 4:20!

My apologies for the slightly misleading reply earlier in the thread - I had read the original post as a problem purely with firmware flashing, not with basic drive operation as well.

As it happens it pointed others towards a solution anyway - in that the redetection of everything by Windows helped to sort it out.

You may have had the jumper on the back of the ND-2500A in the wrong position to start with - which would explain both the problem and why switching drives around worked.