Trying to get past this stupid error

Using Nero Ultra and a LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4082B recoder. (is that enough details?? :confused: )
trying to burn an audio compilation with 0 pause between all tracks and i get this message:

“Nero has detected that the following audio properties are not supported by your recorder in the current write mode and need to be modified:
CD specification allows only 2-3 second pause for the first track.
Nero will change the audio track settings for you to fit the capabilities of your recoder. This might cause some audio properties to be lost.”

what the hell is this??
sorry if being noob…

Hi [B]assafk1[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Try changing the pause before the [B]first[/B] track to 2 seconds. Keep the other pauses at 0 seconds.

yea i already did that and i still get this annoying pause between not only the 1st and 2nd track, but between all of them… how do i get rid of this pause?

There may be silence on the audio. You can try to clean it up using mpTrim or WavTrim.

i don’t think. i have all the audio files in a m3u playlist and when listening to the album in winamp it sounds perfect (no gaps whatsoever…) and i also checked in this nero wave editor thing and it doesn’t look like theres any silence in the end of any of the tracks…