Trying to get my head around dvd

Sorry if i may be in the wrong forum here, but i have read several articles and still have some questions
Firstly i have the plextor 708 dvd re-writer very satisfiedwith this. now i live in england so i am region 2, however i can play all regions on my computer and stanalone dvd player. i have quite a few dvd from america (region1)
I do however have friends in america and when i go on holiday take my digital video camcorder i just edited and made a dvd with pinnacle 8 however they cannot get it to work on there system they have rca combo tellys. i would have thought pinnacle 8 would be region free or am i missing something. also i used packard bell dvd-r which i was pleased with but i also notice that dvd-r dvd+r can vary in price with each other is there a reason for that. any comments would greatly be appreciated


Your problem is not Region coding, but different systems. Your camera will output PAL and your US friends are in an NTSC world. While most PAL DVD Players etc can also play NTSC no problems, the reverse does not always work with NTSC equipment.

Prices for dvd-r or +r vary from country to country as well, nothing unusal about that. If your plextor only burns +R then your stuck with paying more for your blanks than those that can use -R. But with time I’m sure that will change.