Trying to get menu to play first, tried AnyDVD 'movie plays first' removal feature

I’m backing up a back-up of ‘Heat’, the original is damaged and won’t play properly.

The back-up plays the movie first when played but I want to access the menu first thing; I have searched the forum and am aware of the option in AnyDVD which disables the ‘Jump to main movie’ feature but that hasn’t changed anything… would a menu creator like Nero Vision Express help? I have it but have never used as never needed to.

Thanks for any help!

I think you are saying there is a menu on the disc, so if you are playing on a stand alone player, just hit the menu button as soon as the disc loads.

Sorry, just realized that you were talking about playing on a computer. Most programs like Power DVD let you select root menu after the movie starts.

Thanks, I play on both pieces of equipment - it’s not so much being able to get to the menu as that I’m a perfectionist and would like everything ‘just so’ - I always like a menu to present itself before anything else, surely there’s a way of doing it?


But if you press the menu button then it appears? There are some movies with another structure, with the first movie play like for example walking tall.

what happens when you insert the original disc?

my guess is that that’s just how this particular disc was authored and doesn’t have anything to do with the way you backed it up.

i’m not too sure how you’d get the menu to come up first, but my guess is that the process probably isn’t all that simple haha.

I have Walking Tall, and the menu comes first.

Use PGCEDIT it lets you choose the first play when you first insert a disc, it works for me you can choose any point on the dvd to play as soon as you insert :slight_smile:

These are some of the problems one runs into in making copies of copies…

That’s what i guess too!
Only one example, Walking Tall R2 the original one plays the movie first!

That’s great - could I ask where you can get it? Forget that, I Googled it. It’s just what I’m after, thanks!