Trying to get hold of the 832s firmware stuff



I am trying to flash my sony dwu-18a dvd drive to a liteon 832s as i have heard that this is possible, my trouble begins with the fact that i cant get on to any of the websites as indicated on this forum ( the ones ), i was wondering if the server was down and if so, does anyone know when it will be back on line.

thanks in advance for any help


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Try this:


thankyou muchly


seems to be working and i am burning a disc now to try it, the only thing is that it is saying that it is a 822s and not an 832s, do you know why that is? as i said it seems to be working so its not too much of a problem but any light shed is appriciated.

again thanks in advance!


Glad I could help.

1/ What’s saying it’s an 822S?
2/ What firmware did you use to flash it?
3/ Did you reboot your system after the flash?


the device manager, and also nero, the firmware i used to flash was the patched file on your site (832s.vsom.patched-cf) and yes i did the reboot, the only thing i changed in omnipatcher was the edit drive name to the (liteon 832s option) as it was originaly a sony dwu-18a


think i have sorted it, i re flashed and it all seems good now, thanks a lot for your help