Trying to get BQ flasher to work

Hello guy’s…I’ve been looking at the posts in here for over 1 hour trying to find what I need… most of the time I can find what I need and have no need to post in forums…But this time I need a little help… :o

What I have is a BenQ dw1655 I got from a friend for $15.00 “he just got a Pioneer dvd”…I’m trying to flash the f/w from gcab to danger brothers bcdb…"I think thats the name"the drive showes as a “Atapi dvd ls 8x16x8x16” this is with windows XP serv Pac 2…Is there anyway I can get windows to see it…also I do have the nero file wnaspi32.dll with the new f/w and the bq flasher in one file… as it said to in the “how to tutorialon” useing it…I think I got every thing you nee to try to help me…

and thaks guy’s I know alot of new people ask befor reading but I read every little thing I can find befor I try any thing new!!! thanks…and like the site…lots of info!!!

Sorry I didnt say BQ flasher didnt see any drive’s!!! that what I was trying to say about windows seeing the drives :doh: :doh: …I’ve been at this computer screen too long…lol.

UPDATE!!! got it!!! Had to update motherboard drivers …lol… but what is the best f/w to use for this drive Ihave bcdb …what I’m looking for is to be able to set the betsetting of dvd-rom for dvd+r dl thanks guys!!!

Hi :slight_smile:
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Stick with the current f/w & see what results you get. Then compare your scans with others posted here.
As for bitsetting etc. Get QSuite + manual from the links in my sig.