Trying to Flash my 3520A?

I’ve downloaded Binflash and am trying to flash my drive to remove region and riplock.
If I use the command…
C:>necflash -scan

I get the following results…

List of supported devices:

Device : E:
Vendor : _NEC
Model : DVD_RW ND-3520A
Firmware : 1.04

Thats seems fine, it’s when I try to use the -dump or -flash command. I get “Drivetype could not be determined”

Can anyone please help coz I’m fed up with ripping @ 2x :eek:

Hi andel74
Welcome to the forum
If its Windows your using, why not try the Windows GUI version of BinFlash?

Hey thanks very much Dee-27. I cant believe I missed that version of the download. It worked fine. Thanks again