Trying to find wincinema manager - part of intervideo


I have a pc that came bundled with windvr3, winrip, windvd5 and remote control (the pc is a laptop with a built in IR receiver)

I can happily use the remote control to control the 3 apps. In the sys tray there is an icon showing the wincinema manager program that detects what you have installed and you can run your apps from here or it interfaces with the remote control - if wincinema manager (wincinemamgr.exe) doesn’t detect your intervideo app the remote control won’t work with it.

Anyway i’ve installed windvd8 trial and the version of wincinema manager i have only detects windvr3 and winrip. The version of wincinema manager i have is 1.6 - i downloaded the version they have on the the intervideo site but that only detects winrip and not windvd8 or windvr - so it’s worse, it’s actually version 1.4!!!

I’ve emailed intervideo but while i’m waiting i wanted to see if people who have various versions of intervideo software could check what version of wincinema manager they are running - it’s only a single executable file, you can check it by -> sys tray, right click the wincinema manager icon, about

If anybody has different versions to 1.4 or 1.6 then hopefully it may be ok to send it? It is a free download off of the Intervideo site.

Hope somebody can help