Trying to find my threads

I am trying to find my threads, I clicked on my name, quick links and search and can’t find the list of my threads.
I would appreciate a reply, thank you.

Near the top right corner of the window, you will find a text that looks like this: Welcome, [B]Cleary.[/B]

Click on the word [B]Cleary[/B] and you’ll be taken to your own profile page.

On the profile page you’ll see some tabs like “Visitor Messages”, “About Me”, “Statistics”, “Friends”, “Contact Info”.
Click on the Statistics tab. There you will find these links:

Find all posts by Cleary
Find all threads started by Cleary

You could also try the Quick Links menu and click on Subscribed Threads, which will also show all the threads you have subscribed to.

Thx so much for the prompt reply.