Trying to find good media for 832S

I just replaced my old 1x Panasonic burner with the 832S DL drive. I heard Ritek was good with this drive, and I have experience with it, so I bought some more. They are the Ritek R03 DVD+R 8x discs. Consistently, when I burn these discs, the Quality Score is low, sometimes 0. There are transfer errors (more at the end of the disc), and if I physically inspect the disc, the dye appears smeared in the burned area. Didn’t matter what speed I tried.

The G04 discs it came with (4x) are better, but still not great. I also see the smear pattern.

The highest quality score I got was 54, and that was from the Taiyo Yuden 8x disc that was included in the bundle, which surprised me because the dye appears to be of low quality.

I have the VS08 firmware. I am just looking to find a brand that will work at 8x and play on most sa players. What is the consensus? I ordered some PioData discs, as I heard they work ok with this drive, but I don’t want to order every brand out there. I am seriously considering returning this drive, as I am not happy with the discs I burned so far. For me, Ritek has been the MOST reliable in the past, so to see this performance is troubling. I would appreicate some help, before I put my 1x burner back in.

There may be some information here…

>For -R, the only type that I’ve tried is RitekG04. Works nicely… for me, at least. Can >be burned at 8x with the proper strat tweaks.

What is a strat tweak? The G04’s I have don’t work too well. Problems at the end of the disc.

I have tried quite a few strats for G04s never had a success at 8x

a strat to try other than the most common would be appreciated… although im sure the purple discs i have cant do it nomatter wat :frowning:

sad thing is my princos work at 8x lol

Has anyone had success with the Ritek R03? I tried the new strategy in the omnipatcher, and the disc came out worse than before, with an unburned ring in the middle of the disc. This is getting ridiculous. I am this close to pulling the drive.


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As for RITEKR03, what did you use? The strat of choice is YUDEN000T02. Also, if you’re having problems, it’s best if you leave both of the “force” options in OP unchecked and also turn off early shifting.

RITEKR03 is also highly variable, though not as much so as RITEKG04, so this may be the cause of your problems. This is what you get for picking Ritek. Next time, pick a more reliable manufacturer.


G04 quality is extremely variable. There are some batches of G04 that have been known to burn at 8x using the stock G04 strat. Some burn at 8x nicely with the MXL strat. Some burn at 8x nicely using the G06 strat. And some just don’t burn at 8x. This is the hallmark of Ritek media.

Which media do you recommend? I have an order of PioData discs from meritline, as well as some Ritek discs with the RICOH code. Are these better? Should I buy the Taiyo Yuden discs?

I used the YUDEN000T02 option for those discs. Got a read error half way through that I could have figured out before running the test. See the way the disc was physically burned, with the obvious mess up half way through?

+R Prodiscs, if you want quality at a very low price. Meritline is a horrible dealer. Try or Both are considerably more reliable. The 50-pack of Samsung 4x +R are TY.

What about 8x?

4x TYs can be burned at 8x without any problems.

So, you are saying if I go to newegg and get these

I should be ok?

When you say they burn at 8x, you mean the drive will automatically recognize them as 8x?

According to the reviews these are YUDEN01’s.

I really appreciate the help. There are too many choices of discs. :slight_smile:

You will need to hack the speed up to 8x. But they should burn just fine at 8x once you do that. After all, there’s no 4x media better suited for overspeeding than Yudens…

Cool, I will order those from that link on newegg, they are really fast, so I should have them Monday or Tuesday. So, I just use the omnipatcher thing, find the code that matches those discs, and click the 8x checkbox and flash it, right? All the other checkboxes were unchecked. Guess I’ll try a 4x burn first, just to be sure.

Couldn’t you just select the 8x speed in say nero or clonedvd? I do and it does burn in less time.

No. Burnings will only give you the speed options that the drive (i.e., the firmware) tells it to give!

So, then, I should do what I was saying with Omnipatch, check the 8x box for those discs? (Assuming I get a good burn at 4x first. If I don’t, the drive must be bad).


Not sure what you mean because in nero I am able to select 4X, 6X, or 8X and I have seen differences in time frame. This is using stock fw for the 832s, how could this be then?
granted I havent had the best results but not the worst either.

Question about these Taiyo Yuden discs: the one I burned and which seemed to pass the cd/dvd speed tests alright–it has the light purple dye, as opposed to the dark purple dye. I thought that type of dye was of lesser quality. Do the samsung discs from newegg look the same?

The reason I’m asking is that the disc froze playback in my Sony player toward end, just like all the other discs.

According to Smartburn, this is a YUDEN00T02 disc.

That just means that you inserted a disc that the drive thinks is capable of 4x thru 8x.