Trying to find certian VCD app



Hey guys. I am trying to find this certian VCD app. I can’t remember the name of it, but it was used for making VCD’s.

I didn’t use it for actually making VCD’s, I used it for it’s handy VCD checking. Most software will accept any/most files and do any conversion themselves. With this program, I would drag in a file and it would tell me exactelly what is wrong that makes it NOT VCD compatable.

Anyways I have a TON of videos and don’t want to just re-encode them all. I was using this app and making folders, 1 folder of videos that needed to be totally reconverted. 1 folder that just needed the VCD headers fixed, and 1 that were already perfect VCD standards. Sad part is my HDD crashed in the middle of the project, so I had to revert to a backup and now I have no idea where to start (becaue I can’t find a program that will tell me what I need to know).

I’ve been googleing around and downloading many VCD apps but haven’t found it yet. Any chance someone here knows what i’m talking about, or knows something else I could use to check VCD compatability?


Edit - Note I do remember that it was shareware.


Nevermind, no wonder I coulden’t find it. It’s TMPGEnc DVD Author, I was searching for VCD related.