Trying to find a PIE/PIF tool I can use in BATCH for DVD quality check



I’ve automated my dvd authoring/buring process…
and I use NEROCD SPEED to randomly check a few…

but since I have everything else automated…(using six burners, LITE-ON’s, one at a time via NEROCMD)…

I’m looking for a BATCH utility I can run to get my PIE/PIF
status…have it run on all drives…

then I can review them or re-burn as needd.

Anyone know such a utility for win32 ??


I am not aware of any consumer level software that will do that. If Nero won’t then there is probably none. Though if you can run multiple instances of Nero then you should be able to, as long as your hardware supports it (massive memory for 6 drive checks).

I know high end pro ones but that’s in Eclipse suit which cost thousands and last time I checked was LBR only.