Trying to figure out avidemux



I converted a movie through avidemux and I can’t figure out where the converted file goes to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It may be in the AviDemux folder itself—under Program Files or Program Files (x86) in your C drive.

You should always make an output folder for your videos and direct AviDemux to put them in there. And you should always add the correct extension to the file when you save. So if you are making an mpeg file, save as whatevertheheckyourvideois.mpeg. Or if you are making an mkv file, use the .mkv extension. Etc, etc.

AviDemux has the bad habit of putting .avi extensions on everything. And this can cause major problems on playback.


Thank you very much Kerry56. Your help is greatly appreciated.



I made the mistake once of selecting mpeg output but you only get the video. If you want mpeg then choose mpeg PS for both video and audio. :slight_smile:


Windows search - files modified in they last day/week.
Size: larger than 16MB.