Trying to do a vhs to dvd and need help

trying to do a vhs to dvd and need help

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Anyway please describe how far you have got with the VHS copying…

I can copy a vhs to dvd but I want to know how to eliminate the ads, etc. thanks

The best way to eliminate the ads, is to do it while the file is in .avi or dv-avi format. But you can also do it when it is in dvd or mpeg2 format. Some editing softwares have wizards to autodetect ads and they work pretty well. Others you have to do it manually. Just do a search in the video editing forum for “editing” + “ad removal” or commercial remover. You will find numerous posts… You can also look at and find a lot of good information.

You’ll need an mpeg editing/authoring program. Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD is an all-in-one program that can do what you need. Not free however.

If you just need the editing capability, you can use something like VideoReDo Plus, then author to dvd in your regular manner. This is also a commercial product.

The only mpeg cutting program that I know of that is free is Cuttermaran, but it needs demuxed video and audio streams. You can demux mpeg files with the free version of TMPGenc, or with ProjectX (free). This isn’t the simplest solution, but will save some cash.

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