Trying to create DVD

I jut bought the pinnacle 700 usb capture card and I am trying to make DVD’s out of my recorded movies.
Unfortunately, they work on my computer but not on any DVD player.
I downloaded the latest firmware but still no good.
I heard something called codec but still don t know what it is or if it can be of any good.

please help

Don’t know exactly where to begin.

First off, codec: This stands for Coder/Decoder, and refers to a program or device that can encode or decode a data stream or signal. Codecs are often necessary to view certain types of video files, such as Xvid or Divx, or the DVD format. There are many, many different types of codecs. Look up the definition at wikipedia if you want more information.

What are you using to watch the video on your computer? Which media player?

What software are you using to capture video, and what format are you using? Are you making avi files, mpeg2 files or what?

What software are you using to author your dvds? In other words, how are you putting them into dvd format? Did the Pinnacle card come with its own software package?

Give us a bit more info and we should be able to help. Speaking of help, you might also want to look through some of the capture guides at

Thanks for your time.

I watch the video with windows media player.

I use pinnacle’s programme Pinnacle Studio Plus 10.

The capture source is DV cmcorder, and PAL selected (all I use is PAL)

The capture format is MPEG2, and the same software is doing the authoring.

I have a tab for project format where I can choose NTSC wide/standart/progressive or PAL wide/standart/progressive

And I can choose background rendering : enable option, set codec automatically or MPEG 2 rendering

thats pretty much all. does it help ?? I have a sony DVD-RW DRU-800A with the latest firmware.

thanks for your thoughts

What are you burning to? DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW? What brand is the media?

are you authoring a DVD (VIDEO_TS, etc) or just burning the muxed mpgs to your media