Trying to create CD image in Nero, settings same on 2 PCs, one says files too big

So I have a HUGE load of WMAs that I want to burn as an image, then mount, then rip to mp3. I tried it on the laptop and the process works fine with just two tracks. Each WMA is 25 megs and the two together create a 1.2 gig nrg file. I mount the file and can open it in iTunes, then rip to mp3. The reason that I cannot burn all 24 tracks is that the resulting nrg will be 17 gigs and I do not have the room on the laptop.

When I try to process on the destop, I cannot burn the image because Nero tells me that it is over 700 megs. Of course, I know this. I have checked and re-checked the settings and I just cannot get it done.

I know it is possible bc right now I set up all 24 tracks on the laptop and am just saving the nrg across the network onto the desktop. Obviously, not the best way to do things.

So what is my laptop doing to fool Nero into letting it burn a huge “CD Audio” and what do I need to do to the dektop?


EDIT - laptop running; pc running

Why not convert directly to mp3 with something like the free Cdex program.

DRM (But, yes, I own the license)