Trying To Create A New DVD Cover with 8.5"x11" Paper?


I am trying to create a DVD cover using 8.5"x11" paper. Is there a program that will do this. I have Expressit IT 2.2 but it will only let me print on A4 paper for DVD Covers. A4 paper is hard for me to get a hold of so I want to figure out how to print on 8.5x11.



I use UndercoverXP and every now and then coverXP.


What about just using Word or Open writer? You’d have to create a template in order to have the right dimensions first, but then you can design the cover any way you like. :cool:


I use Acoustica for labeling thin jewel cases as well as direct printing on CD/DVD.
Acoustica is very flexible as to what type of media you want to use and what type of case you want to label.
I have loads of 8.5 x 11 glossy photo paper, so that is what I use and then cut out the labels.
Free trial :

Most DVD case inserts are larger (longer) than your printer margins can print on letter size paper. I use legal size. Letter size will result in roughly 1/4" of unprinted space on one end. Depending on your printer’s margins, you’ll need to shrink the cover image down to fit, in whatever program you use for this.

Wow, thanks for the great ideas! This forum has been very useful to me. I will try out the ideas and see how it goes.

Thanks again,