Trying to copy red alert 2 + yuri's revenge

sorry if i’m overwhelmingly inept at this but if anyone has it in their hearts to give me any advice on how to copy the games, i’d be eternally grateful. i’ve got a TEAC DW-224E drive, and any help would be great

Copy protections used, (At least in the UK)
Command And Conquer: Red Alert 2: SafeDisc V2.05.030
Command And Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge: SafeDisc V2.40.010

Use Alcohol 120% and then the SafeDisc 2 profile.


Use CloneCD and use the downloadable SafeDisc 2 profiles found here on the forum. Do a search to find them.

Note: The are two profiles for CloneCD SafeDisc 2. One is use for 2 Sheep writers and one is used for 0/1 sheep writers. So you will need to find out your sheep score. Once again this can be done by serching for a download called Sheep Tester or somthing like that and running it on your burner. This will then tell you which profile you will have to use in CloneCD.


Use BlindWrite. Turn on “Amplfy Weak Sectors” for you have a 0/1 sheep burner. Don’t if you have a 2 sheep burner.

Thats about all I have for the moment. Hope this gets you started.

Profiles for CloneCD can be downloaded here.

Can’t find the thread on the Sheep Tester. Sorry. Come on who moved it???

Basically download this

Run all files.
weak_sectors - The test file creator program. You don’t run this one.
sd2old - Creates a test file to check if a writer gets at least One Sheep.
sd251 - Creates a test file to check if a writer gets at least Two Sheep.
bad - Creates a file containing bad patterns. Many 2-sheep writers will fail to copy this.
sheep_3 - Creates a test file which contains all weak regular patterns. A writer which passes this test should be called a “Three Sheep” burner. Please note this creates a file which is greater than 400Mb so it may take a while.

Copy newly made files to CD (will have .DAT extension) using Nero in Mode 1. Then copy files back off of CD to hard disk.

If you copied the test file sd2old across then you have a One Sheep burner. If you copied the test file sd251 accross then you have a Two Sheep burner and so on for the rest of the test files.

That will tell you what your sheep score is.

Hope that makes sense

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cheers mate that’s awesome. i’m having a go at it now

No problem.

If you get any problems then post it and someone will have ago helping you.

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