Trying to copy PS2 Games

Hi all I have tried copying and burning PS2 games when the blank disk comes out saying just text, so now I have downloaded DVD FAB Decrypter but have not tried this promme yet as I understand that you need a chip in the PS2.
Is this correct? Can sombody help me here as I would like to copy dvd’s but was told that I would have to defrag, :doh: So much trouble when you have not ried this. :slight_smile:

Hi Bart687
You con make copies of PSP using DVDFab Platinum
It will copy and burn it :bigsmile:
You can chip your PSP or you can use SWAP MAGIC 3.6 which you may find better :clap:
Do a Google search for it and make sure you also get a slip tool or slip card to open the tray :smiley:

Tim :cool:

PS using DVDFab Platinum MAKE sure you use the CLONE MODE

umm I was ment to tell you that I am in New Zealand, where there is not many technoligy equipment as U.S.A and other what is the slip tool and Clone MODE?

I have Cyberlink power produser and NTI Cd & Dvd maker 7 which I have tried but they both do not work on dvd’s sadley, as well as Nero which I deleted, I will try another web site as with searching by google to see which one is better for dvd’s and ps2’s

Hi bart687,

yes you will need to have a modchip installed in your PS2 to play your game backups. As an alternative you can also use the so called Swap Magic discs.

For burning your PS2 games you should use DVD Decrypter in ISO mode. DVD Fab Decrypter is for copying protected movies onto your PCs HDD, so you won’t have luck with copying PS2 game discs.


For Game copies just use any dvd burning software ( I used Nero). GAmes has no protection so there is no need to remove the protection, after all the protection is installed in the console itself.

Copy games is easy, and then the other thing that you need is either a mod chip for your PS2 or you can purchase magic swaps discs (dvd and cd disc case) plus a slide card (depend on your ps2 model you might not need a slide card if you have a slim version). There is a modchip store (there’s no retail store since the store is online so you can only order your products online) in europe that sold these stuff just use google, that’s how i find the store, but since it’s in europe i didn’t use it :confused:

as for media type,some said it will only work on DVD-R, but i test it on DVD+R and it work just fine, but to be sure use DVD-R since most dvd player can play DVD-R. As for burning, choose the lowest or second slowest speed as possible (about 2x or 4x), burning at 8x or 16x will cut your burn time in half or more, but your game might lose its quality (graphic wise).

Lastly, choose the media brand that you know, i use Sony DVD-R for my games. i heard that Verbatim is also good, but haven’t use one myself. Memorex is ok or you can use any other brand that you know you get what you paid for i guess. Also Sony DVD-R is not that expensive i got 100Pk for $35, Sony discs had some features that other brand like Philips does not, is the ability to compress (for movies only) and Accucore (it help with fingerprint protection, scratches and the accuracy during the writing process)

also, make sure you clean your game/check for damage before burning because a damaged/ scratched will cause the burn to fail and you will lose a blank disc since it can only written on once! A burn is successful when you see a small window that said “The burn was successful” or something like that.

well i hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Thank - You very much hello20 I have the slim PS2 so i may try nero just as a trial. But not sure if the slim ps2 has the slide card or not sure if I do not need it. So will try it anyway, I have been on google everynight looking for the right decrypter but as I have DVD FAB decripter on my laptop this one does not work so may delete it and find a free one.

hello ive been using alcohol and backing up my ps2 games ive backed up about 50 i dont have a modded ps2. i plan on it just backing up for now ive had no problems coping and burning them and have had no errors. can i expect that these games are done right or will i need to make some copies on dvd fab

if you buy a dvd burner Nero OEM might be included, as for me OEM is just find no need to pay $60 for a full version. here use this site to find out if your slim PS2 need a slide card or not based on your model #. Also check out for movies from users of how to use Magic Swap discs if you need help.

also, Games do not have protection like Movies so i don’t think you need a decrypter or burning softwares that uh… not available in retail stores kind of software … just any burning software you have is fine.

Also i have two advices

if your burn keep failing check make sure if it’s not a defected memory

if it said “reading disc error” take our the game/movie and clean it or use the tool to repair it since scratched/damaged game/movie can cause that, and cost you another blank media disc.

I have noticed that Alcohol you have to pay, where with some other’s you don’t do you have the slim PS2 Evil_Himmler? as I have the slim but have been trying to copy these games but are not working as when I put into the ps2 it comes up saying insert a disk you know? this is so annoying :a that I dont know which one is the best but I will try alchol today.

if you were able to make a successful copy of a game, then you should move to the next step. If you are putting that copied game disc into the PS2 it will not play, since like i told you before GAmes have NO protection because the protection is in the console!

So what you need is either a modechip (which you will need to buy and install or pay for a premodded consoles) or swap discs+slide card might be needed. The concept of swap discs is kind of the same as GAmeshark cheat code disc.

also, i heard that you can also use a gameshark disc in place of the swap disc and it will work. I haven’t try it myself so i can clarify that info, but what i heard is that you put the gameshark disc in and click star game and it should eject and then you put the copied game in and it should start.

if you have more questions let me know

DVD Decrypter is the simplest and cheapest way to backup the discs and it can easily be found by doing a search. Swap Magic discs are the least invasive (and costly) of the mod methods but not all games work with the Swap Magic discs and some require multiple swaps. If you can afford it I strongly recommend getting your system chipped as it will save you alot of hassle in the long run. If not then go with the swap discs.

also, if your Slim PS2 is still in its warranty period, you should consider getting a modchip because it will void your warranty.

I think nero burning rom is the best way to copy ps2 games it is quick and reliable
also you may need swap magic 3 or a mod chip

Psssh you are a noobs. If you have a Action Replay 2 or GameShark 2. There are patches you can get so they will boot on them, you can find that patch on MegaGames. Also use DVDDecrypter or ISOBurn. Never tried this method. So just google how to do that.