Trying to copy PS2 games to DVD-RWs

I have DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, Nero 5, and Flash CD and DVD burning Software. Yet I am still puzzled on how to back-up my games because none of these work for doing it. I was hoping one of the geniuses on this board could tell me of a software that can do it relatively cheaply (I’m on disability). I have been backing up my DVDs with no problem so I know it’s not my computer. :confused: I was told to burn it to a CD-R and use Action Replay to Play it, but I’d rather have it on a DVD. Please help me. :confused:

Try and use Alcohol 120%, and use the PlayStation 2 profile.

P.S Don’t use DVD-RW :disagree:

Can I use DVD-Rs or do I have to use CD-Rs???

Good brand DVD-R’s

I use only Sony and Memorex… Thanks Ashmo

Do you have a mod-chip or a cd swap set for your ps2? You can successfully copy any PS2 game, but without one of these, they will be worthless. Also, it is better to use DVD-R’s instead of rw’s.

The CD swap thing… doesn’t Action Replay Evo do that??? I know it does it for CD-Rs for sure. If not could you suggest a couple. I really don’t wanna try to mod my system (bad hands).

Thats the only way