Trying to copy Pretty Woman-keep getting unexpected error!

I am using Clone DVD2 with AnyDVD version and I have been trying to back up Pretty Woman and I keep getting to 58% and I get an “unexpected error”, make sure you have a properly mastered dvd,blah blah… Anyway, it does not show anything in the snapshot window as it normally does when it reads a movie, I have tried using my burner to read it and still get the same error.(BTW, it is a Plextor PX-716A) The disc is untouched, region 1, also tried a friend’s copy and got the same error? Anybody have any ideas?

Try dvddecrypter in Read>ISO mode.

I tried DVDDecrypter in read>ISO mode and copied it to my computer, but then when I tried to burn it to disc, an error immediately popped up saying “source data too large”, so I tried to download DVDShrink from this site but the links that I have found don’t work!???

Try this…