Trying to copy my wedding DVD's

Hi there, I’m a newby very newby.

Got married a couple of weeks ago and 3 people have given me copies of DVD’s that they took of the wedding. I would like to edit them with something like Windows movie maker but it doesn’t recognise the data on the disks. So I’ve tried to copy them using nero but it gets 52% through it and then fails.

I’ve tried playing them on Power DVD and Windows media play but none of them work but they do on my DVD.

I’ve tried to do various things within Nero but I get one message or another telling me that it can’t do it for one reason or another.

I’ve also tried Cyberlink Power2go and that’s even worse than Nero.

I’ve copied all my wedding photo’s onto CD with no problem.

Anybody got any suggestions.

Many thanks in anticipation

Michael in Lancashire

are these standard video dvds? with a VIDEO_TS folder containing ifo/bup/vob files?

yes they are.

DVD Decrypter. Click Here

What is (DVD Decrypter) please. and what does it do?

it’s one of the best dvd copying programs. give it a shot and see if it works. use iso read mode to copy an image of the dvd and then iso write mode to burn the image.

The guy next door gave me a copy and yes it worked but windows movie maker doesn’t recognise the files so i’m still in the same boat.

So how do i or can I convert the files so that WMM will recognise the files.

Thanks for all your help


Sounds to me like your PC’s DVD drive really doesn’t like this kind of media. What drive is it?

Missing the point guys (Title is misleading - he wants to copy and EDIT) ;o)

Not the media, not his drive, not DVD Decrypter problem - the root of his problem is that Windows Movie Maker will not import a VOB - invalid file type.

@ Jigsaw - you need a programme to convert the DVD files to a format WMM will accept or buy a programme such as “womble mpeg video wizard” which will work directly on VOB files.

For more info look in the Video Editing section on this site.