Trying to copy mp3 with more than 20to 22 songs for cd player

need help to copy more mp3 to disc that will play on cd player with more than the normal 20 to 22 songs on it someone had told me that do with data instead of audio cd im using nero 6 ultra thanks for any help

Don’t know the answer to this one other than you might need to look at what sort of compression rate you’re using. Have you tried the freeware Audiograbber? Look for it on freeware sites. It will help you change sample rates, etc.
Look at this link:
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I take it you mean transfer MP3’s to a audio cd.
This is different to data CD’s as audio music is encoded at the same bitrate, no ateer the source. This is why NERO changes to bar at the bottom from megabytes to mins.
You can change the gap between songs (usually 2 secs), use the short lead-in / lead-out trick, but they won’t give you much more room, so your either stuck with 80 mins per disc, or 99 mins on specialist discs (but no guarantee they will play in your hi-fi or car sterio)

It takes 10,584,000 bytes to store 1 minute of CD-Audio. There is nothing that can be done to change this. If you put the MP3s on the disc as data, it must be played by a player that can read MP3s.

dkspire. You are not clear to me as to what you want to do!

If you are talking about a data disc, that is normally a disc full of mp3 tracks that will not usually play in CD player unless it is capable of playing mp3s.

If it is, in Nero go to create ‘data disc’ (not audio) and you will get over 100 tracks on the disc.

If it’s a ‘normal’ CD audio disc you are creating, it depends on the length of the tracks, not the quality of them!

You can ‘overburn’ to around 82 mins on a normal CD and to make up a few more seconds you can reduce the silence between tracks or even overlap the tracks.

If an 80 min CD is still too small, 90min CDs can be bought but they are rarer and cost substantially more!

Good Luck.

An AUDIO CD can hold up to 99 (CDDA) tracks, so the count of files is also limited by their overall length as explained before.