Trying to copy mp3 files to dvd and listen in cd player

I was trying to use nero to copy some mp3 files to a cd but all I have is blank dvd’s but when I tried to use nero I just used the option to make an audio cd but when i went to burn it it said wrong disk so I tried the option that says make a jukebox dvd but this wouldn’t on my cd player it just worked on my dvd player. It seems like I’ve copied music to dvd’s before and listened to them in my cd player but i can’t figure out how.

Hi and Welcome!

your selection “audio CD” was correct. But you [I]must [/I]use blank CD-R discs instead of DVDs. CD players can’t handle this at all.


there are mobile audio “CD” players that will play DVD’s
but they are specifically designed to do so and are technically
described as “Multi-media players”

a DVD is physically different from a DVD and a player not designed to read them cannot.

Most DVD players can play audio CD’s Cd’s loaded with mp3 files
(my car player (actually my changer) doesn’t even require that the
discs be “finalized”) and even DVD’s loaded with mp3’s, but CD players are far more limited.